Hello!  My name is Christopher Gilliam, and I look forward to discussing your real estate needs.  Why me?  Great question!  Here are a few of the reasons why…


As a military brat, my family moved 11 times before I was 18, so from an early age I learned to appreciate leaving one home and moving to another.  I earned my real estate sales license in 2006, and my Broker’s license in 2009.  I’ve closed more deals than most Treasure Valley agents.  I specialize in residential.  I’ve sold homes that were close to 100 years old, as well as brand new homes. At one point I even worked for the country’s #1 home builder selling new construction.  I’ve helped buyers/sellers with everything from $75,000 deals to $750,000 deals.  I’ve helped folks with acreage properties and have considerable experience with subdivision homes. I work with clients who are local as well as with out-of-state clients.  I work with homeowners and investors. My experience also includes bare land and commercial. In 2009 my bride earned her real estate license and she helped many people for several years.  On a personal note… I’ve lived in the Treasure Valley now for close to 30 years.  My bride, 3 children and both our dogs are all “born and raised” Idahoans!


There are only two license types issued by the State of Idaho; a “salesperson” license, or a “Brokers” license.  You can get a salesperson license with about 80 hours of classroom training and absolutely no real estate experience.  It takes twice as much classroom training and proven successful experience to earn a Broker’s License.  They both take the same tests; however a Broker must pass with a higher score than a salesperson.  Finally, only a Broker can have his/her own Brokerage, a Salesperson is required to “hang their shingle” with a Broker.  So when it comes to who handles YOUR real estate transaction, which would you rather work with?  I earned my Brokers license in 2009.


Most agents start “practicing” real estate as soon as they’re licensed. Before I even signed up for my first real estate class, I mapped out my “career path”, and it included earning the “GRI” (Graduate Realtor Institute), before my first transaction… so that I’d have TWICE the classroom training that others had BEFORE I attempted to handle my FIRST transaction.  Very few agents achieve the GRI designation, and those that do generally take 4-5 years to get it… I earned it in 3.5 months, earning the distinction of being “the fastest GRI in the West”.


Prior to getting in real estate, I was a corporate professional for 20 years (in Human Resources), a successful entrepreneur and a published author.  This very unique background has equipped me with many skills that are directly transferable to real estate.  Examples include my understanding of business, marketing, contracts, relationships, communication and negotiations.

Again, I look forward to discussing your real estate needs.  Please call me for a no-obligation, no-cost initial consult.

Joy to you,

Christopher Gilliam, GRI

Associate Broker, Trust Realty

208.899.0779 (call or text)


My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.       

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