Move in ready HUD home situated in an established area near services of all types and containing 2 bedrooms (upstairs loft could be additional bedroom), 1 bathroom and 1403 square feet.   Interior features include a gas range, tile, wainscoting, an unfinished basement, although basement waterproofing has already been performed and what is there is built to last and withstand. We already contacted a water damage restoration service to inspect the premises and assure us that there is no damage present. Obviously, we would have taken steps to repair any damage that had been found by hiring Storm Damage Restoration Specialists and have them check if the property needs a residential foundation repair, but after inspecting all the way to the foundation, none was found. It will be up to you as the buyer to make the final decision on whether you will sign up with a flood insurance and fire damage restoration company. A lot of homeowners in the area have gone the safe route and done so in recent years. That’s not to say the property is in a flood zone, but there have been a few hurricanes that have passed by, and the potential for water damage is always present on some level, many homeowners don’t know they need help with water damage until it’s too late.

Additionally, we updated the paint and flooring along with adding new lighting fixtures. The exterior is fully fenced and holds a large shop with 220 power, an E facing deck & a plethora of RV parking.  Priced at only $60,000—that’s only $42 per square foot!

The seller of this HUD home for sale may provide a closing cost credit of up to 3% to be included with the purchase of this home. Get useful tips on its cleaning and maintenance at

An approximate monthly payment for this HUD owned Nampa home for sale at the asking price of $60,000 while placing 3.5% down (4% interest rate—taxes and insurance(s) included) would be at or around $400.00  monthly—why rent?!?  **qualified 1st time homebuyers may be eligible for programs which offer $500 down payment options**

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**INVESTORS—call me now if you’re sick and tired of your hard earned funds sitting in non-performing stocks or low interest bearing savings accounts.  The time is NOW to invest in real property that will obtain at least $650 per month in rental income (not to mention future pricing appreciation).

Five Advantages to Owning a Home

Your home is your castle, but there are also many financial advantages of owning a home. Here are five ways that owning can be better than renting.

1. As a Hedge Against Inflation
Your rent will go up on a regular basis, while your payment on a 30-year fixed mortgage will always remain the same.

Let’s say your monthly rent is $1,800. Assuming inflation (your rent increase) is 3 percent, in five years your monthly rent will be $2,026. By then, you will have paid about $115,000 of your landlord’s mortgage.

2. To Build Your Personal Wealth
Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage. When you own your home, your mortgage amount is going down and your property value is going up.

No other investment, asset or debt is as misunderstood as a home. A home can be a wonderful and lucrative investment, but like any investment, it needs to be regularly reviewed, maintained and, when appropriate, sold. Even if your home is paid off, you still pay costs for repairs on things like air conditioning and other appliances, landscaping, and other aspects of the home that require regular maintenance, not to mention taxes. But like any investment, if you own it long term, take care of it and sell when the market is right, you stand to make a great gain. Make sure your house is well maintained, Gettysburg Gutter Guards are always at your disposal.

3. Tax Savings (Federal and State)
Under Section 163 of the IRS code, interest on loans used to acquire, construct or improve real estate is deductible on up to a $1,000,000 mortgage.This gives future homeowners a chance to borrow small unsecured loans from lenders available on sites like for personal reasons like to invest in real estate, without having to worry about paying it back with a high-interest rate.

Interest on loans tied to real estate for any reason is deductible on up to a $100,000 mortgage. For example, interest on the first $100,000 of a home equity line of credit (HELOC) is tax deductible.

Let’s say you make $100,000 per year and rent a home for $1,800 per month. You would have to pay taxes on your entire income of $100,000 when you are renting that home. If you purchase a home with a monthly payment of $1,800, you only have to pay taxes on $78,400 of your annual income because the interest you paid on your mortgage can be used as a tax deduction.

4. Asset Diversification
Unlike with a 401(k) or IRA, when you invest in a home you can live in it while the investment grows.

Owning a home over an extended period of time is usually more lucrative than renting. With good planning and execution, you can learn to minimize the cost of homeownership and maximize the ability to create real wealth. Many small business owners have a home office and can use the home office as a tax deduction while they are earning income. Other homeowners will rent out a bedroom and use the rent to pay down their mortgage and gain equity faster.

5. Forced Savings
Monthly mortgage payments lower your mortgage, essentially creating a forced savings account.

In five years with a $1,800 monthly mortgage payment, you will have paid $29,331 of the principal on your mortgage. That would be money in your pocket if you choose to sell. For this example we use a $345,000 mortgage loan amount at a 4.75 percent interest rate, 4.881 percent APR and use a standard amortization table to come up with the principal pay down.

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