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Pioneer Title launches new tracking tool

Pioneer Title Co. is launching its own PTC Index. It is a monthly measurement of the Treasure Valley real estate market. The index combines nine critical measurements of the real estate market into a single number. Those figures are based on a custom-weighted algorithm. The goal of the index, according to Pioneer Title, is to […]


The expiration of the home buyer tax credit generated the most sales in a single month for Ada County since July of ’07. April ’10 sales were 667 houses; 58% more than April ’09 and 56% more than April ’08. We have now experienced eleven consecutive months of year-over-year increases. I’m going out on a […]

Buyers and Sellers Resource Guide

There has been a lot of recent banter that the housing market is rebounding.  Others have said that while that may be true there is still a looming 2nd wave of foreclosures.  The second wave of home foreclosures that is potentially coming down the pipe has experts suggesting that even more borrowers could be affected.  Luckily […]

Questions & Answers: Short Sales

Q: What is a Short Sale? Answer: A short sale is when the lender agrees to settle the debt owed on the property for less than the amount currently owed.  “Settled” means that the bank  is writing off the debt (which is why you get a 1099 after a short sale for the debt forgiven) and […]


As you probably know, there is a plethora of bank owned homes for sale in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna and Star.   Banks are motivated to sell and will typically price these distressed homes 10-30 percent under current market values.  Granted, most do need cosmetic work done prior to move-in such as new carpet (or the […]

The 7 Short Sale Myths

1)  Short sales rarely get approved.  FALSE TRUTH:  Although short sales are difficult, acquiring or selling a home as a short sale is not impossible.  More and more short sales are being approved on a monthly basis and the new HAFA guidelines should help making short sales easier to facilitate.  Most importantly, it is essential […]

Don’t Be Ashamed. . . Seems like everyone’s doing it

Lack of jobs, divorce, injury and death of a loved one often forces hard working folks into default on their home loans.  Without help, foreclosure looms.  Don’t be ashamed to save your home and the opportunities for homeownership in the future.   There is hope.  Three options that a homeowner in or nearing default has are […]

Buying a foreclosed home 101

Don’t bother browsing through the legal filings in your local paper or showing up to courthouse auctions—there is too much risk and most banks will not sell at auction for less than the amount currently owed against it. Instead, contact myself or Hua Hin Real Estate Agents that can provide you a list of homes […]

Short Sales 101

Brushing up on your short sale knowledge is essential in this market since nearly 50% if all homes currently for sale are distressed (either short sale or bank owned).  Bank owned homes can typically be purchased within 30 days since the home has been foreclosed upon and title has been transferred to the bank.  Purchasing […]