Choosing the right Realtor to sell your home

Choosing the right Realtor to sell your home

If interested in selling your home, a great real estate broker will help you price your home at current market values, market your home using today’s top techniques, qualify potential buyers and expertly negotiate (and finalize) the transaction.

This top-notch Real estate negotiation service has tenured experience with past sales and can balance optimism with realism and honesty with tact.  You owe it to yourself to find the best possible real estate broker to help with the sale of your home.

Below you will find a list of “to do’s” when picking the right Broker to sell your home.

1)       Round up good prospects:  In order to identify a prospective realtor, ask friends or neighbors.  You can also browse the internet to find the brokerage which has a large presence in the local market.  Make certain to search for real estate professionals whose credentials match your particular needs.

2)      Ask tough questions:  Obtain a real estate professional that is familiar with your neighborhood.  Make certain that your prospective Realtor has constructive input about price and condition.  Be curious—what types of marketing efforts are used with the marketing or your home?  Make certain not to “fall for” the Realtor which promises the quickest sale for the best price.

3)      Make certain that your Realtor has “backup”:  It is essential that your Realtor has at least 1 assistant or a team of real estate professional in order to make certain that no potential purchasers are placed on the back burner when inquiring into the specifics of your home.

4)      Sign the right contract: Inquire with each prospect on how long the marketing contract for your home will last.  The slower the market, the longer the contract, typically.  A six month agreement is typical in today’s market.

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