Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Sparked by the economic rebound, buyer demand for residential real estate is on the increase while available homes for sale have decreased. This is causing the buyer/seller pendulum to shift to the selling side for the first time since 2007.  If interested in taking advantage of the market shift and selling your Treasure Valley home, avoid these common mistakes which will negatively impact the amount of days that your home is on the market along with the selling price.

Cleaning Up:

The cleanliness of your home projects how you, the seller, have taken care of your lovely abode.  This said, it is essential to tidy up rooms, clear countertops, take out the dogs,  (etc, etc) in order for your home to be presented appropriately.  Q-tip clean typically brings an additional 2% in sales price. If you’ve got no time to sort out and clean your home, you can hire commercial cleaning services to do the job for you.

Lingering During Viewings:

Potential buyers feel like they are intruding when the home owner is present during viewings.  Buyers are less likely to explore the home, look in closets and most importantly, picture themselves within it.


It is essential to price your home relative to current market pricing.  The market (especially now) is changing daily making it important for home seller to heed the advice of an experienced real estate professional when establishing a pricing structure.   Call me today for a free market evaluation!