Improving your homes Sell-Ability

Improving your homes Sell-Ability

Houses aren’t selling like they once did even though the market is recovering.  There are, however, ways to help obtain an offer more quickly.  See below:

1)       Stay neutral:  Customizing a home is a wonderful option—if you plan to live within the home for an extended period of time.  However, extreme color choices and themed rooms may scare off a potential home buyer.  Using neutral paint colors on walls and décor will help potential buyers create their own idea for the home and will also leave the new buyer with less cosmetic work to be completed upon purchasing.

2)      Less is more:  Removing and de-cluttering your home will help obtain an offer quicker.  Rooms which are cluttered and have an abundance of furniture will feel “cramped” and smaller than what the room really is to potential purchasers.  Renting a storage unit for the items/furniture that is not needed on a daily basis is a worthwhile investment. On the other end of the spectrum, awesome furniture that is included in the deal can most definitely help sway a potential buyer. You should visit the site of any furniture stores that have a nice variety in order to see what’s available. You might be able to get something that will help you seal the deal.

3)      New house smell:  Avoid strong smells when preparing to show your home to potential purchasers.  Take the trash out, hire a dumpster rental for these trash, clean the refrigerator regularly, bathe your animals (if any), clean the litter box etc etc.  It is also a good idea to be mindful of what food is prepared in the days leading to a showing since certain foods have very strong aromas.

4)      Details: Making small, inexpensive improvements will go a long way when attempting to sell your home.  Replacing hardware on cabinets, updating lighting fixtures and switches along with purchasing new shower curtains are examples of relatively inexpensive improvements which will typical help an offer to be obtained more quickly. If you want to make your bathroom look bigger and brighter, you should install glass shower doors from Superior Shower Door & More, Inc.

5)      Curb Appeal:  The first thing that potential home buyers will view is the front of your home so keeping it as appealing as possible is a must.  Keep the grass trimmed, weeds pulled and trees pruned. Hire a professional pressure washing services contractor to clean the exterior. The walkway to your entrance should be kept clear and welcoming to a prospect.

6)      De-personalize: Most know when a home is “lived in” yet it is important to rid the viewing areas of all of the evidence. Your goal is to have your home resemble a home in a commercial, complete with sparkling floors and totally clear surfaces. No knickknacks! Rid the home of excess clutter such as mail, magazines and the local newspaper.  Tuck away laundry and shoes and limit personal items such as family photos  and awards so that the potential buyer can envision themselves within. If there is simply no place for you to put your things away then use a storage facility or service. Your things will be kept safe and waiting for you to come back to retrieve them.

7)      Repairs:  Do not wait to make needed repairs.  Save time and trouble by making any needed repairs prior to the home being listed.  Not only will conducting any needed repairs  make the home more presentable, it will also negate any inspection issues  when the property is inspected by the new purchaser prior to closing. Use services of best painters in Mississauga. If you spotted any signs of pest damage, you should order pest inspection immediately. Pest Removal Experts – White Horse Pest Management can find a solution to your problem. Believe it or not, but pests can significantly decrease the value of your house. Check for damaged or broken areas such as windows and call for window replacement services.

The summary above is just a small list of items which will help your home sell more quickly and for a higher price.  Call me today for a free, no obligation consultation if you may be interested in placing your home on the market . . . 208-869-3469.