End of Summer Checklist for Home Owners

End of Summer Checklist for Home Owners

As we near the end of the summer season, it’s a great time to think ahead about home maintenance projects that should be completed prior to the colder weather hitting.  While the weather is warm & comfortable and prior to September and October, it is important to conduct a “walk-around” of your home in order to make a punch list of problematic areas. Some things will immediately stick out, like damaged windows for example. You’ll have to hire residential window replacement services to take care of this for you while the weather is comfortable. As you can surely imagine, having to deal with damaged windows filtering cold air in during the winter would be quite the issue. These services are also bound to be busier during the season as well, so look for a good window replacement service and hire their services as soon as possible to you to avoid having to wait for days.

Some areas of concerns should be able to be repaired by a non-professional while alternate repairs may need assistance from an “expert” such as a roof replacement.

End of summer projects include:

1)       Outdoor painting.  If unable to paint the entire exterior of a home, it is suggested that touch up painting is performed on the rough areas of the siding.  As Brushwork Painters in Lancaster claim,  if there is peeling paint then it will be important to scrape, sand, primer and re-paint the areas of concern. Painting companies can help you with painting the outside of your house too.

2)      Outdoor caulking & sealing.  It is vital for your energy bills during the winter to ensure that all of the windows are checked for leaks or cracks, and replaced with help of Window Doors MArt if required (find us online).  Leaks or cracks will obviously mean higher heating bills due to the loss of heat from your home. Check your roof in case of any damage; contact a roofing services company for roof repair if necessary.

3)      Concrete & Asphalt patching.  If having an asphalt driveway then it is wise to repair any asphalt cracks or holes with an asphalt patching material.  It is wise to seal asphalt every other year.  If having a concrete driveway or sidewalk then cracks or holes can be repaired with an epoxy material. If you are not sure when to update your epoxy coating, contact specialists from Adhesives Lab.

4)      Patio & Deck Maintenance.  Rotted planks should be replaced, stained or painted as needed.  Debris should be cleared. Decks should be inspected to see if any deck repair is needed.  In regard to paver or brick patios, missing bricks or pavers should be replaced, level off areas that tree roots may have pushed the pavers or bricks “up” and re-grout any areas of the patio which may have been degraded. It is also important to check the roof as you might need to call C&D Staten Island Roofing service for repair work.

5)      Landscaping. Keep exterior landscaping attractive. Spend some time choosing a form liner pattern, weeds should be pulled, dropped fruit from fruit trees and nuts removed to deter wildlife and trees and bushes trimmed away from the home.

6)      HVAC check. Now’s a great time to make sure your hvac is working properly. Hire an air conditioning services contractor so that they can inspect your unit. If it is not working in great shape as before, then you should consider having a repair or a new residential air conditioning installation. As you can imagine, once the winter starts to set in, it will be harder and harder to find someone that can take care of any air conditioning repair or heating replacement you might need. A lot of people won’t check, turn it on when they need it, and notice it’s out. Get ahead of the curve and do a quick check to make sure it’s working come winter or better yet, schedule for some regular maintenance and other hvac services. Most importantly, make sure that your ac and heating contractor has the proper Heater Parts so that you will be assured that your heater will work for a long time.